Case Studies

Van Braam Design

We are a small art & design house based in mid Wales who specialise in one off mixed media feature pieces for private & corporate clients as well as film, TV & events.

Wood is the main ingredient of everything we do; so when a sculpture commission came in for export to the middle East with a 56/30 heat treatment requirement we started looking for a partner. After numerous dead ends we came across Pallet Recycling South Wales. Straight from the off there was a more enthusiastic and open minded approach to what was not a standard enquiry.

The timber, dead oak heartwood, was varying in dimensions and had to be dealt with carefully. We sat down with Leighton and his team and went through all the background, processes and requirements, and after tailoring an approach that fitted the task at hand, and running tests to proof the theory; the job got done.

Whether it was an employee in the yard, one of the managers or indeed the director himself we found the same down to earth, open minded, careful and common sense heavy approach to all aspects of the task at hand. As a business, a real breath of fresh air to deal with in an ever increasingly cynical and non-responsive world.

Beginning with the skeletal base for the sculpture.
Moving onto add the wooden bits to the sculpture to form the foundation.
Finishing off!